Australasian Association of Threat Assessment Professionals


APATAP Membership

Membership of APATAP is available to those who, within their professional duties conduct threat assessments, stalking risk assessments and violence risks assessments, or are conducting research into these areas. Membership is also open to those providing legal services or counsel, mental health care, or security management of related cases.

Membership Benefits

Join now and receive immediate access to a range of benefits, including:

  • Linkage with a global network of threat assessment professionals with reciprocal membership to all the TAPS (Canada, Europe and the United States)

  • Reduced conference fees to all APATAP conferences and events, and all international TAP conferences, providing fantastic global networking opportunities

  • Access to the Journal of Threat Assessment and Management, the official journal of the International TAPs. The JTAM is published by the American Psychological Association and is a forum for scholarly dialogue regarding the most important emerging issues in the field of violence risk assessment.  View APA's description of the Journal.

  • Exclusive access to the members only section of the website which includes an Intelligence newsletter, all presentation slides of previous conferences and the latest news on events and literature relevant to the field

  • Leadership opportunities: All current members who have an interest in developing their own careers and promoting the aims of the Association have the opportunity to put themselves forward to become a voted member of the Executive and General committees. These opportunities are extended to members prior to the Annual General Meeting.

          Membership types

          Membership can be obtained at two distinct levels

          Affiliate membership  can be granted to those who have applied for membership without the endorsement of existing members. This grade of membership is encouraged for students and those new to the field who are seeking to further their knowledge and establish professional connections within the threat management field.

          General membership  require nomination by two existing members, who are general members or above, and approval by the APATAP Committee.