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Asia Pacific Association of Threat Assessment Professionals

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APATAP was established in 2013 as Asia Pacific's key body in supporting and developing the cross-disciplinary study and management of threatening individuals and behaviours.

We welcome membership and collaboration with individuals and organisations from the field of risk assessment, forensic psychology, security, policing, law enforcement, and workplace safety.

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apatap President'S welcome

A message from

Prashant Nayak

President, APATAP 2018

The APATAP was established in 2013, and this year we complete 5 successful years of supporting threat assessors in their management of violence risk and fixated individuals. Globally, we are facing severe threats and, as threat assessment professionals, we are the first line of expertise to assess and initiate mitigation measures. To broaden the diversity of our membership, we invite risk management professionals from the private sector to contribute to the APATAP mission.

Asia is definitely the most promising business destination of today; however, it also has the distinction of holding the widest spectrum of threats across multicultural contexts. Hence, the predicament multiplies as the threats in this region rapidly alter their significance and impact. The APAC region includes countries which are a global hub for manufacturing, Information Technology, and many more services. Any impact on the Asia Pacific will certainly have a critical impact on global businesses.

Our collective effort for the Asia Pacific region will be skills enhancement. It is pertinent to spread awareness about the wonderful work being done by APATAP to our neighbours. We plan on launching various platforms where we will have enhanced opportunities to interact and share best practices.

So far, we have held 7 conferences across Australia, Singapore, Thailand, and New Zealand. To leverage on our burgeoning regional presence, APATAP will be hosting its 8th annual conference at Disneyland, Hong Kong in February 2019.

The APATAP managing Committee is dedicated and committed to the mission statement, and as we continue to grow, I would personally encourage you to share your ideas, recommendations, and thoughts on how we can add value to this forum. Please feel free to reach out directly to any one of us if we could address any questions in our respective responsibilities.

On behalf of the APATAP committee, I would like to thank you for your contribution and look forward to an exciting year ahead. Look forward to seeing you all in Hong Kong.

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