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Asia Pacific Association of Threat Assessment Professionals

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APATAP was established in 2013 as Asia Pacific's key body in supporting and developing the cross-disciplinary study and management of threatening individuals and behaviours.

We welcome membership and collaboration with individuals and organisations from the field of risk assessment, forensic psychology, security, policing, law enforcement, and workplace safety.

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apatap President'S welcome

A message from

Dr Lorraine Sheridan



We now enter our 8th year since APATAP was founded and our membership continues to expand. In particular, we are seeing a surge in new members from the private sector. We exist to support and connect people whose work concerns the assessment and management of threats and targeted violence. We are all aware of the headlines concerning acts of terrorism, and serious violence in workplace and educational settings. What we are perhaps less likely to see in the headlines are the many thousands of cases of family violence that take place every day. The online world is a growing source of threat and misery to many. All these issues are threats to our society and deserve our attention and they frequently overlap. For example, stalking by ex-intimates can extend to and impact the workplace.

We are a diverse group with expertise across a range of fields. We cross international borders. The topics covered at our 2019 conference in Hong Kong illustrated not only the wealth of knowledge and skills our members have but also the opportunities available to us all. The presentations demonstrated how much intersectionality there is between our areas of specialism, and how many of the issues that we are focusing on have fundamental similarities. We cannot operate in silos. We are far greater than the sum of our parts and we need to capitalise on this. To this end, we are working on ways of better connecting our members and sharing our data and experiences.

Another priority for us this year is to amplify our collective voice. Targeted violence is not well understood by the general public and indeed by many of the people who make policy and legislative decisions. By providing empirical evidence, by issuing press releases, by engaging with various agencies, we can break down many of the myths surrounding threat assessment, validating victim’s experiences and encouraging people to seek our help. Please join us because only by standing in unison can we make ourselves known, demonstrate our knowledge, influence policy makers, and push for sensible evidence-based solutions.

The APATAP Committee value your input and are always ready to hear your ideas and recommendations, so please do contact any of us directly.

I look forward to seeing you all at our next conference to be held in February 2020 in Melbourne.

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